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Review, production at DLK Ventilatoren GmbH was completely mint green!

We delivered 6 x CREM01-71-1250-S, 4 x AANM01-2000-S, 4 x CREM01-35-0500-S for a customer from the energy technology sector.

This fan for marine technology is used on a gas tanker.


- 6 x CREM01-71-1250-S, 4 x AANM01-2000-S, 4 x CREM01-35-0500-S

- Comustion air- and mixed air blower for controlled combustion of gas on gas tankers

- Pressure: CREM01-71-0900-S  90.000 Bm³/h – AANM01-2000-S: 319.400 Bm³/h

- Application: CREM01-71-0900-S: 5.500 Pa – AANM01-2000-S: 1.621 Pa

AANM - Medium pressure axial fans with outlet guide vanes. Direct driven.

Range:            DN 315 – DN 2500

Application:     supply and exhaust air up to 55°C or 120°C

Flow rate:        up to 450.000 m³/h

Pressure:        up to 4.000 Pa

Motor:             frequency: 50Hz/60Hz, up to 90 kW

Surface:          steel, coated/galvanized/stainless steel (V2A 1.4301 / V4A 1.4571)

Impeller:          aluminium / blade angle adjustable at standstill

ATEX categorie:         category 2 and 3, gas/dust

For your individual requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us at Tel: +49 (0) 7943 9102 0 or e-mail: info@dlk.com.

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