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CFD simulation

How can we at DLK support you in the area of CFD simulation?

CFD simulation is an important development tool at DLK. With this method, the basic equations of fluid mechanics - the so-called Navier-Stokes equations - are calculated numerically. The visualisation of the results allows detailed statements about the flow behaviour.

CFD simulations are used at DLK Ventilatoren GmbH in various fields, starting with the fluidic optimisation of individual fan components (blade geometry, guide vanes, casing, etc.), through advance calculations of aerodynamic characteristics to the analysis of the ventilation of entire parking garage systems.

Furthermore, the use of CFD increases the flexibility of the solution concepts for non-standard project work enormously.

With the help of the simulation results, the flow-relevant components can be optimally adapted to the flow characteristics during the development phase, thus optimizing efficiency.

For your individual requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us at Tel: +49 7943 9102 0 or e-mail: info@dlk.com.

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