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Why choose our AARM?

Why exactly our AARM when used in drying technology?

Fully reversible / symmetrically profiled blades

- optimal adjustment to the specific application area

- constant air circulation

Impeller blades adjustable at standstill

- optimal adjustment at the operating point

Impeller and casing made of aluminium

- high level of wear and corrosion protection

- lightweight construction

- easy mounting

Special drying motor

- low exchange costs

- increased longevity

Two temperature ranges up to 85°C resp. 120°C

- use at high temperatures

- application in different drying concepts

AARM performance in comparison with the competition

- 10% higher flow rate

- 8% higher of efficiency

- 8% higher operating point

At comparable operating points, operating cost savings of approx. 25 000€ (15%) annually can be achieved by using our AARM wood drying fan.

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