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Drying Industry

Drying Industry - AARM: Low pressure axial fans. Direct driven, fully reversible.

From the pioneering work in the field of wood drying technology more than 30 years ago with our axial fans of the VMRR/AARM series to current areas such as sewage sludge drying with our centrifugal fans CREM/PREM, we can support numerous branches of industry such as waste, food and beverage, textiles, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, building materials, paper within the drying technology with our fans and offer optimal solutions.

Wood drying:

In order not to compromise the quality in the further processing of wood, the process of technical wood drying is applied.

With the use of our AARM in drying kilns, in combination with uniform stacking, temperature control, drying phases, conditioning time as well as a constant flow, the wood is dried in a short time.

This includes fans in various material combinations, special seals and highly efficient motors.

For your individual requirements, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Alexander Petkovic at Tel: +49 (0) 7943 / 9102-574 or e-mail: alexander.petkovic@dlk.com.

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