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Here you can see a hot air fan for a customer in the drying technology industry.

The delivery included:

Centirfugal fan CREML1-56-0800-S

Flow rate:        up to 48000 m³/h

Pressure:        up to 2700 Pa

Application:     Hot air drying up to 400°C

From the pioneering work in the field of wood drying technology more than 30 years ago with our axial fans of the VMRR/AARM series to current areas such as sewage sludge drying with our centrifugal fans CREM/PREM, we can support numerous branches of industry such as waste, food and beverage, textiles, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, building materials, paper within the drying technology with our fans and offer optimal solutions.

This includes fans in various material combinations, special seals and highly efficient motors.

You can find more information about our products on the website at:


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